If we don't do it, we know someone who does.

Over the years we have formed many alliances with reputable vendors. Let us help connect you with the right ones.


Many local codes require thermoplastic pavement markings, especially for new builds. We offer thermoplastic pavement marking. There are pros and cons to thermoplastic.  Let us educate you to help you make the best choices. 

​Debris Removal:

We can haul away construction debris or offer parking lot clean up. 

-​Project Management and Budget Consulting:

We can help you with your parking lot budget projections both short-and long-term. Also, if you choose another vendor over us, can manage, inspect, and make sure they are using the right job specifications. Sometimes you pay for one thing and get another. 

Parking Stop and Speed Bumps:

Parking-stops and speed-bumps are an important aspect of traffic control. You need to slow down your traffic and stop them from running into pedestrian areas or buildings. There are many options for this type of control. Let us help you to find the best solution.

Signage and Handicap:

There are many regulations on signs and handicap solutions. Federal and Local codes dictate things like height,color, reflective density, as well as the number of handicap spaces and layout. See 101 facts. 

Concrete Repair:

We offer concrete repairs for your parking lot, sidewalks and curbs. We find that many curbs get broken down in the turn lanes, which is most likely due to the fact they are not built with reinforcement in them. Let us do it right.

Crack Repair:

Cracks in your asphalt is just the beginning of bigger problems. Once water can penetrate to the sub-base, potholes and asphalt failure is going to happen. Due to the extreme heat in Florida, asphalt bakes and becomes brittle. This is one of the biggest missed repairs in parking lots today. 


Striping and pavement marking is the key to traffic control. There are as many pavement paint choices as there are for your house. We use Professional Pavement Products paint. It is the highest solids paint in the market place. Don't be sold cheap paint that wears away quickly. 

Asphalt Repairs:

​We offer single pothole repairs all the way up to large full depth repairs. We also offer a 2-year warranty on our repairs, as long as all surrounding asphalt is sound. There is much to know about asphalt repairs. Don't be sold a short-term fix.

Seal Coating:

Seal-coating is part of your asphalt maintenance and protection. If it is started early, seal-coating will help prolong the life of your asphalt. We use GEM Seal products. We offer coal-tar or poly-tar solutions. There are a lot of companies that short cut this process. Have your ever paid money for a job only to see if wear away quickly? Please take the time to read our 101 Page or call us for a free consultation. 


Pressure Wash:

This is a service that will improve the appearance of your property. Due to our climate, concrete molds quickly. The problem is everyone and their brother own a pressure washer. Quality and value equals equipment. We have the best.  

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